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Thai Binh is a veteran in the field of Business Management. With more than half a decade’s worth of experience in administering and developing both international and domestic F&B chains, he now is Country Manager at Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt, an Australian global yogurt-based beverage retailer.
Throughout his career, Binh has proven his dedication and determination via numerous accomplishments. Within 2 years as BDM for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Binh launched 4 new stores as well as benefited the brand by hundreds million of VND. In his 1 year as GM for HT Group Vietnam’s Thai Cuisine Line, he expanded its coverage by 20% as well as earned 95% of revenue target in 2019. Internally, Binh renovated the line’s HR Management and Brand Assessment for further sustainable development.
As Country Manager of Yomie’s Vietnam, he re-modelled the franchise (in terms of concept and taste) to fit with Vietnam market, tripled the daily sale volume and succeeded in negotiating and opening the first sub-franchise store in Hanoi.

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